Friday, 24 August 2012

How to run the 200 metre sprint

Introduction:The 200 meter dash is a classic sprinting event that combines speed, strategy and technique into one exciting race.


Starting Blocks
Running lanes


1)Keep your head down out of the blocks as you drive through your start. Build speed, but stay relaxed.

2)Run the first quarter of the race at about 80 percent of your maximum effort. Pushing too hard will leave you without enough energy to finish strong, but you still need to get up to your maximum speed in a relatively short period of time.

3)Pull your head up and slowly come out of your drive phase around the 30 meter mark.

4)Turn your right shoulder across your body as you run through the turn and onto the final straight.

5)Run at full speed from the 50 meter mark to the 150 meter mark. If you fatigue before the finish line, then you'll only have to hold onto your position for the last 50 meters.

Rules for running the 200 metre sprint:

1. You cannot cut in to the other competitors lane

2. They requires 200 meter sprinters to use starting blocks. Blocks are not allowed to touch the start line or any part of another runner's lane. If the runner false starts once in an Olympic 200 meter race, a race official will present him with a red card and he will be disqualified from the race.


Once you reach your top speed, focus on maintaining your running form and technique. Make sure your arms are only moving front-to-back. Don't let them swing across your body, or you'll lose precious energy.


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